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Welcome to the Eurocomply blog. We’ve been meaning to do this for a while. As you may know from various social media channels, we operate in the Data Protection space.  Here you will find our best attempts at thought-leadership regarding GDPR, ePrivacy and associated topics, as well as news about what we are getting up to as a team. This is a place where we voice our views on legislation and guidance as it is released and our approach on how to go about implementing it as a business. We’re a company run by lawyers, but don’t hold that against us. We are pragmatic, to the point and probably best described as ‘your friendly neighbourhood privacy specialists’. We detest fear-mongering so  on this blog you will not find any statements like:

Comply or be fined!


If you don’t have consent, processing is illegal under GDPR!

We are also not GDPR-bandwagon hoppers as we like to call them.  Emerald founded Eurocomply after writing her master thesis on it back in 2012-2013 and as a result, we have been working in this space for over 5 years. Also, data protection is so much broader than the GDPR and it is a common mistake to believe that privacy laws are novel.
As a Regtech-enabled consultancy team,  with a female leadership team, we spend our time engaging with our clients and speaking at events and other common business activities. However, we are also active in Brussels and spend time engaging with the European Parliament, the US Mission to the EU and the European Young Innovators forum to make the European entrepreneurial ecosystem more efficient, especially for female leaders.

We look forward to engaging with you here and a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past few years especially: Enterprise Ireland, NDRC, Bloomberg Law, EYIF, The Sunday Business Post,  Irish Independent, Bank of Ireland, Accenture, and all you cool people on Linkedin and the TwitterSphere. You have done so much in terms of helping raise privacy awareness so thank you.

Last but not least., we enjoy a good rant from time to time when we come across # Fakenews regarding privacy, also known as #GDPRRubbish in colloquial terms, so if you do decide to subscribe: brace yourself!

We look forward to engaging with you, so comments are open.

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Stephanie will be talking about GDPR and Media Outreach at The European Association of Communication Directors event in Dogpatch Labs in Dublin this month following the appointment of Paul Hayes, Founder & MD, Beachhut PR as Irish Coordinator for the EACD.

GD-No PR – The death knell for unsolicited media outreach

Wednesday, February 28th, 2017
6:30pm: Networking drinks
7pm – 8:30pm: Debate starts/event ends

Many communication directors do not fully comprehend the extent to which they will be impacted by GDPR, wrongly believing that the new legislation will only affect the marketing side of the house. GDPR, which takes full effect in May 2018, covers both B2B and B2C communications. For example, any in-house team or agency that relies on unsolicited emails to journalists to secure coverage or interviews could suddenly find that GDPR brings this kind of media outreach to a stunning halt.  What will this mean for the future of the media relations industry? With Ireland being home to many European headquarters, nowhere will the effects of GDPR be felt more than here. Join us for a panel discussion led by experts at the heart of the debate to learn how companies will be preparing for GDPR. Receive practical advice on how GDPR will affect your organisation’s communications and how to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.


  • Moderator: Paul Hayes, Founder & CEO of Beachhut 
  • Speakers:
    • Mark Little, Founder & CEO, Neva Labs
    • Paul Quigley, CEO Newswhip
    • John Collins, Director of Content, Intercom
    • More speaks to be confirmed

Where to meet us

2018 is a busy year for the Eurocomply team. We love meeting readers and catching up at the various events we speak at, this year you can find us at:


Need a speaker for your event?

We regularly speak at industry events on general and sector-specific data protection issues. If you are interested in having one of our experienced consultants speak at your event, please do reach out to us through the contact page.